Micronations as Celebrities

On Twitter, @HouseofMithras recently asked:

What do you think is more important when considering the growth of your Micronation?

  • Population Growth
  • Public Image
  • Financial Growth
  • Culture Building

Significantly, “public image” won by large margins.

In response to a follow-up question from @HouseofMithras about these results, @Northmearc replied:

If we focus on image, we will attract and repel people based on that image. But a #micronation isn’t a celebrity. If we build on culture instead, we will attract people able to weather changes of image over the long run who still find the culture has value and worth.

An excellent topic for consideration: among the tools micronationalists have at their disposal, is celebrity really the most prudent course? Cults of personality have so many pitfalls, as even a cursory study of the last 100 years makes plain, that it seems folly to pursue this path. What with the dictators of World War II, the #metoo movement, ongoing uncovering of abuse among clergy of the Catholic church, and the current spate of strongmen rattling the gates of democracies around the planet, celebrity whether as a stand-in for competence and actual qualifications, or even as its replacement, bodes poorly for micronations seeking to amount to anything more than vulgar entertainment.

With @Northmearc, Sovermians aspire to unfolding a worthwhile culture, and are content to let any public image, population growth and financial clout arise from any value that our culture holds for others.

* * * * * * * * *

NOTE: Individual posts express the opinions and perspectives of the author and do not necessarily reflect official Sovermian policy or practice, unless explicitly indicated as such in a particular post.




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