Disenfranchisement for Democracy!


In an astonishing opening paragraph yesterday (9 March 2019), David Masciotra writes in Salon:

The religious devotion of the Trump base to their secular god demonstrates that between 30 and 40 percent of Americans are unfit for participation in Democratic society. For the sake of job preservation, the overwhelming majority of Republicans in Congress have become equally as zealous as their voters in their insistence on ignorance, delusion and racism as criteria for political judgment. Given that polite people across the political spectrum can agree that disenfranchisement is not a legal or moral option, the most relevant question of contemporary debate is, “how do we deal with these people?”

Polite people agree? Is politeness — supposed liberal restraint and good manners — all that saves us from a vast political neutering of the 30% — of “these people”? And how might this be achieved — impolitely?

Dear Deplorables, please report for your updated identity chip to the nearest police station. If you have not yet received your involuntary sterilization before you begin Liberal Democratic Socialist Re-education, please see your local Commandant immediately to avoid further penalties. Note that required attendance at our weekly Political Executions is not waived for any other reason.

“Ignorance” and “delusion” — because two outta three ain’t bad! (In place of the racism Masciotra cites as the third distinguishing criterion of Republican political judgment, substitute instead the vast liberal arrogance on display here.)

How do we deal with “these” people?

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