Making America Wait Again

[Updated 22 March 2019]

The problems both parties keep ignoring won’t go away: climate change, increasing wealth disparity, crumbling infra-structure, white supremacist thinking, widespread indoctrination and misinformation on both the right and left. Yet neither party has tackled them head-on, in spite of a long history of campaign promises on both sides. We’ll pick on Trump here, simply because he’s the most recent occupant of the White House. Where’s the improved health care system and infrastructure spending Trump promised? How has he drained the political swamp of Washington? Is America any greater now than it was in 2016?


Sovermians ask, because they live with this floundering, troubled, and very large neighbor surrounding them on all sides.

Make America White Again? Jews won’t “replace” Whites — that absurdly ignorant chant of the Charlottesville protesters. A quick look at the numbers of Jews and “Whites” shows what a pathetically foolish fear this is. How does race-baiting and a right-ward surge politically address the actual as opposed to imaginary problems confronting not just America but much of the West? The issues aren’t right-left, liberal or conservative, but top and bottom, the empowered and the disenfranchised. The political paradigms of the past no longer capture the reality of 21st century life.

Make America Hate Again? By splitting and pitting minorities against each other, pols play Americans yet again, because at the core, politicians simply cannot address the real issues within current political structures. Instead, more and more are out to line their own pockets, democracy and the common good be damned. Both parties have forsaken their ideals; conservatives have conserved almost nothing substantive except their own privilege, and liberals likewise haven’t liberated so much as consolidated the hold on power of the 1%. The painful part is that this isn’t news, yet Americans still seem too paralyzed to effect real change.

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