Best of the Sovermian Week 19 June 2019

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Speaker Easton enjoys the spotlight at a nearby cultural performance.

Raja Gorba continues in his drive for reforms to our language.

And agitator Ifa Mezuva writes,

For some reason, American majority leader and senator Mitch McConnell now calls full enfranchisement for Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia “full-bore socialism”, if we’re to accept his recent remarks on Fox News. Curious. Full statehood for both has long been a Republican position. Apparently McConnell “was for it until he was against it”. Could it have anything to do with the Democratic-voting majorities in either region? Maybe if the Republicans made them states, they’d swing Republican. And what, I have to ask, does statehood have to do with socialism? Voting rights are now socialist? Do we need to change the name of our Sovermian Republic to the Socialist Heaven of Sovermia, because each of us enjoys full democratic participation, including the right to appear and speak before any syndicate, and indeed to call for a syndicate in the first place?

Read more in the latest issue of our paper!

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