First Official Royal Speech, Other News


Sovermjei Sedina – The Sovermian Week

Sovermia’s English-language Weekly
Vol. 3, No. 1
21 November 2019

“Vogvo ker duvago ker kurpa anit!” promised the King in his first and brief address yesterday outside the Sovermian Embassy. His Majesty’s first words pleased Sovermian speakers uncertain of the status of their beloved language under the new monarchy. “I vow that I will keep the body [of state] breathing!”

“A strong monarch can be one effective stay against the present and widespread corruption of democratic ideals”, continued King Emery. “He or she cannot be bought by lobbyists. He can repeal ill-conceived and destructive laws, necessitating a revisiting of their premises and provision for their improvement. In a small nation like Sovermia, he can make the processes of government accessible to the people in the way no other single governmental official can. As the corporate face of the people, the monarch can represent the interests of a micronation to its vastly larger neighbors. Finally, he can provide a spearhead for progress by personal and visible advocacy. ‘Let us take arms against a sea of troubles and — by opposing — end them'” His Majesty said, turning to a literary reference which an audience member subsequently identified as lines from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“Thank you all for coming. Suvita!” the King closed, using the traditional Sovermian word for goodbye to those departing, from one staying.

“What ‘progress’ means concretely in His Majesty’s conception, we don’t yet know,” observed journalist Jasna Sonupa, who also fielded comments and reactions from those present:

Troja Spuma laughed. “That must be the shortest speech ever from a politician! And I’ve heard of a bully pulpit. Now it looks like we may just have a bully throne”. She hastened to add: “I mean that in a good way, of course”.

Ifa Mezuva remarked, “King Emery’s first speech? I’d give it a B+”.

Raja Gorba said, “People who fear too sharp a break with Sovermia’s past as a radical democracy have nothing to fear with this new constitutional monarchy. Having a single principal leader just gives us a welcome focus for who to blame when things aren’t going well”.

Five year old Alja Sinkuna perhaps summed up the reactions of many when she said, “Our King talks funny. I don’t understand all his words, but I like these cookies. Mmm!”

• Opinions and Letters 

Borka Ima writes:

We need to see progress on the new Constitution. Can The Sovermian Week publish a copy of the draft so far? And if not, why not? King Emery has promised “ongoing access” — let’s see some!

Dalva Inunka, former secretary under the previous administration, and a member of the Constitutional Emending Syndicate charged with a first draft, writes:

Much of what was good in our previous constitution will remain in the draft of the new one. As soon as a draft is in presentable form, all Sovermians will have ample opportunity for input.

• Weather •

After the unseasonal cold that launched the winter season, Sovermia can expect more usual November weather for the next week, with temperatures ranging from 40s F/5 C in the daytime to 20s F / -5 C at night. Expect more snow on Sunday, 24 November.

A month till Gimei Solastata/Winter Solstice!


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