Ksetrosta ir Morgaludjosta—Government and Citizenship

[Updated 12 November 2019]


Sovermia is in the middle of a governmental re-organization, under the direction of King Emery, including a constitutional convention. Details will appear here as they become available.


Citizenship in the Kingdom of Sovermia is free and by examination for all, foreign and native-born. The formal application process consists of three parts: (1) your answers to the preliminary questions below, (2) a completed application, and (3) an acceptable score on a citizenship examination.

If you would like to apply for citizenship, send your responses to the preliminary questions via the Kontakta–Contact page or by email to e-address above, along with your request for a Citizenship application.

Preliminary Questions:

1. In a single sentence, please respond succinctly and thoughtfully to the Dvei Ortvas (scroll to the fourth item on the Kultura page).
2. How would your Sovermian citizenship benefit you personally?
3. How would your Sovermian citizenship benefit the Kingdom?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a monarchic form of government?

A spoken/interview version of the application may be of particular interest to visitors to the Kingdom who wish to apply in person.

Please note that unlike many micronations, Sovermia is not actively seeking new citizens. Those who belong with us will seek us out. Others will turn away when they see that our application actually asks for some effort. But if it did not, how much would Sovermian citizenship be worth?

Visit the Kontakta–Contact page to request additional information.